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4 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Earrings


Whether you want to add an accent or get ready for that special occasion, there comes a time in which you might want to pick out a quality pair of earrings. Not something just simply fashionable, only to find out it just doesn’t seem right when you get home, this pair not only matches your personal style but additionally balances out your appearance.

Rather than just select a pair, make a checklist with these tips:

Know What Length and Style Compliments Your Face

As a general rule, the following earrings pair best with these face shapes:

  • Narrow or Rectangle: Wider earrings.
  • Heart: Dangling or chandelier.
  • Short and Wide: Long and narrow earrings.
  • Round: A style with angles.
  • With Pointed Jaws: Longer earrings that fan out at the end.
  • Wide Jaws: Narrow and long earrings.
  • Oval: Nearly any earring style.

Check the Size

Earrings have potential to make anyone’s neck seem stumpy. Generally, when the length approaches your shoulders, your neck, in turn, appears shorter. So, to counteract this, check the length and size: No matter your height or neck length, make sure the earrings don’t directly touch your shoulders.

Know Your Style

Earrings themselves work as statement pieces. As such, take into account how you plan to wear them: Will they still stand out?

If you’re wearing them with long hair, pick a style that distinguishes itself with a bright color, a larger shape, and some sparkle. Otherwise, the jewelery ends up hidden.

Too, make sure that the color matches your outfit or general look. Jewelry shouldn’t stand out for its garishness; rather, it needs to complement yet remain a definitive feature.

Consider Hair Color

Along the lines of clashing with style, earrings directly play off your hair color. While silver or standard gold is ideal for most, the former tends to create too strong a contrast against light blond hair. So, if you’re blond or a redhead, what matches best?

  • For Blonds: Gold tends to flatter.
  • For Redheads: Select something with a light reddish tint, such as rose gold.

From a casual pair of studs to brilliant and bright dangle styles, Tiara Jewelers’ earrings cover a wide range of options. Stop by our store or browse online to find the perfect look.