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All the Styles for a Statement Necklace


These days, every woman must have a statement necklace in her wardrobe. This look – large and chunky, and often incorporating multiple colors and materials – is now a staple piece of jewelry.

Yet, its proliferation has generated a wide range of styles – some of which may compliment your personal look, and others which are better left alone. If you’re new to the world of statement necklaces, become familiar with the basic types out there:

Collars: As the name implies, the necklace falls close to the neck, but isn’t designed to be worn as a choker. Wear it to contrast with a crewneck shirt, or to dress up a button-down blouse.

Geometric: There’s always an angular quality about this style, from the beads and pieces used to the way it’s put together. In return, it gives structure to something rounded, such as a V- or scoop-neck blouse.

Multi-Strand: Add length with this flapper-esque style. Take it bold, with large, metallic, or colored beads, or stay simple, with variable-length metal chains strung together.

Fringe: Something dangles from your ordinary necklace. This extra dimension enhances the statement-making characteristic and should only be worn with simple tops and blouses.

Floral Motif: A metallic chain of flowers might seem ideal for a festival, but it’s all in how you wear it. Give your attire a sprightly, seasonal quality with such a theme, or let the pattern brighten up a solid-color blouse or dress.

Beaded: This type of multi-strand necklace brings together multiple strands of large beads. Two or more colors create a contrast and add a touch of color-blocking.

Woven Ribbon: A chest plate-like style results when multiple ribbons, in two or more colors, are woven together.

Chunky: Everything, here, is large and grand, from the rope-like thickness to the multiple beads incorporated into its design.

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