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Paris Couture Week 2015: The Jewelry Trends


Paris Couture Week, the twice-yearly event allowing designers to showcase their most adventurous and artistic looks, just passed at the end of July.

This season, the runway collections veered toward opulent and ostentatious. Previous years maintained more of a minimalist aesthetic. The focus may be on the gowns, but a secondary element comes into play: What jewelry trends designers incorporate into their collections.

We determined the styles can be boiled down as such:

High Jewelry

Different from fine jewelry, this class represents the most expensive and the rarest collections on the market.

The more artistic nature, with each collection centered around a theme, combined with precious stones translates to detailed yet flashy pieces that beam with brightness.

It didn’t matter if it was Dior’s ribbon-style bracelets, each made out of very fine stones, or the golden pendant necklaces from the Valentino presentation. What was there essentially gleamed like a chandelier to compliment the gowns on display.

Bright Colors

Designers appeared to go for bright and bold hues. We found pink, yellow, and orange diamonds, pink gold, and sapphires, all adding a strong pop of color and a touch of elegance.

Large Pieces

Bigger is better, it appears, and designers don’t seem to shy away from the bulk. That is, a necklace should make a statement, a bracelet needs to cover up a fair amount of wrist area, and earrings must be prominent.

This notion, however, doesn’t mean the piece has to be extremely detailed. Back to the Valentino pendant necklaces, sometimes simpler makes just as much of an impact. Based on what was seen, jewelry designer Alessandro Gaggio stuck to a two-tone color scheme and clear, defined lines.

A Natural Theme

No one can escape fast or street fashion – not even the world’s top designers. Versace appeared strongly influenced by festival culture, with its flowing dresses and flower crowns. At points, the combination communicated the sophistication of an ancient goddess; at others, it aimed squarely for elevated Coachella-esque styles.

Along these lines, Bvlgari found its jewelry collection meandering about the garden. But the path wasn’t to create flower crowns; rather, a color scheme emphasizing green and a floral motif came together to form a more youthful character.

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