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Must-Wear Fall 2015 Jewelry Colors


Fall is right around the corner! Is your jewelry collection updated with the latest shades and colors?

As many notice with the changing seasons, fashion and accessory brands update their lines not just with new pieces but additionally with new palettes of colors. Fall 2015 is predicted to be a step away from the bright and bold shades of the last few years, and instead a move toward neutrals and darker red tones.

To find out if your jewelry matches fall’s hottest trends, first check the color. This is what’s predicted to be in style:

From Pantone

The company that determines each year’s and season’s biggest colors rounded up the following for fall 2015:

  • Dried Herb – A grayish tone with a hint of brown.
  • Desert Sage – Tan with a bit of green.
  • Stormy Weather – Darker tan.
  • Oak Buff – Another brownish-tan hue.
  • Marsala – Last year’s biggest confusion has been established as a reddish hue.
  • Biscay Bay – Blue with a hint of turquoise.
  • Reflecting Pond – Gray with a bluish tint.
  • Cadmium Orange – A blood orange tone.
  • Cashmere Rose – A dusty rose color.
  • Amethyst Orchid – A deep purple hue.

From Runway Trends

Outside of Pantone’s observations, jewelry on the runways follows a similar pattern of neutral or deep reddish and purple hues. Some we’ve noticed are:

  • Merlot: This reddish-purple shade is nearly everywhere, from gemstones to fabrics and tinted metal.
  • Yellow Gold: Fashion is going through its second ‘70s revival. For high-end jewelry, yellow gold achieves a bold, brassy quality reminiscent of the decade.
  • Purple, Pink, and Red: At a glance, this trio appears overtly feminine. Yet, fashion brands have stepped away from the girlish hues to muddy and add depth to these three. Your wardrobe should have more dusty rose than cotton candy pink this season.
  • Dark Metallics: On the neutral end of things, why settle for ordinary black or gray? Fuse the two together to make a mysterious shade – in between and with just a hint of silver or gunmetal.

For neutrals and reddish- or purple-tinted jewelry, Tiara has you prepared for fall. Browse our jewelry collection online or take a look in our brick-and-mortar store.