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5 Ways to Wear Bangles Without Overdoing It


If you haven’t heard, bangles are in right now. As is the case with all trends, this look can be worn in a number of ways – and can get out of hand. Too many bracelets puts the style in “over the top” territory, from the jangling sound to the clashing colors and patterns to the fact that the jewelry becomes your outfit’s focal point.

To wear bangles and not overdo it, consider these tips:

1. Always select multiple complimenting sizes and colors

What does this mean? For one, it’s recommended to always pull from the same group of colors – cool tones, warm ones, or neutrals. As well, vary the width: combine chunkier and narrower bangles to break up the line.

2. Mix it up

Never opt for just one look. In this case, you have multiple elements to play around with:

  • The texture: Bangles come in metallic, cloth, wooden, enamel, and acetate materials, to name a few.
  • Color – Compounding to point No. 1, pick a range of shades. You might want to consider black, white, and silver together, or stay in the cool range with blue, purple, and green. Even consider a color-blocked option for one or two bracelets, assuming they don’t clash with the others.
  • Angles – As you can see, the options cater to every possible silhouette. Find square and angular styles, round and smooth, or narrow and fine.

3. Pick the Right Size

Bangles are just like any other jewelry – having the right fit is an absolute must. Here, the basic rule is, the bracelet must be able to fit around the widest part of your hand without sliding off.

When this proves to be a problem, consider more of a cuff style that fits directly around the wrist, or a form with a hinged clasp that can be opened and closed.

4. Pick a Character

Just like with the rest of your style, your jewelry should fall in line with a particular look. Because of their pervasiveness, bangles blend into any style preference: jeweled for formal occasions, muted metallics for casual days, boho to preppy themes, and even edgy looks for when you want that extra pop.

5. Just Use One Arm

The quickest way to have too much of a good thing? Adding bangles to both arms. Just pick one, and stack as high as you want.

Start experimenting with bangles through Tiara Jewelers. Browse our selection to find out what works for your style.

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