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6 Pieces of Timeless Jewelry Every Woman Should Own


Some say the classic, heirloom look is in. Others advise you to have a few neutral pieces ready for formal occasions. But no matter the approach, jewelry with timeless appeal never goes out of style – not when you're dressing up for a job interview, having a casual day, or preparing for a formal event.

Yet, what counts as "timeless"? Generally, the piece gets more mileage beyond a couple of seasons. If you can see yourself still wearing it in a decade's time and still looking sharp, it perfectly fits the description. So, what should you have?

Pearls: Delicate and simple, this jewel of the sea has never been out of style. Draw attention to your face with a set of dangling earrings, or embellish your neck area with a few long strands.

A Charm Bracelet: You want a piece that communicates who you are, and the charm bracelet has done this for decades. Go for a classic look with enamel and precious stone ornaments, or keep it modern with a Pandora set.

Simple Gold Earrings: Whether you choose classic studs or small hoops, you can never go wrong with gold. Add some warmth with a set that effortlessly finishes off a casual ensemble and blends in precisely with your work wardrobe. As a tip, modern trends feature gold earrings in an array of hues: rose, yellow, and white. Stay within the 10K to 24K range while finding a shade that flatters your skin tone.

Diamond Earrings: It's a cliché, at this point, that diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, this stone is certainly an elegant asset whenever you have to pull up your hair and frame your face. Just add a simple pair for a lot of sparkle. So the size isn't overpowering, stay under 1 carat.

Tennis Bracelets: Take your casual look up to the next level with a tennis bracelet. The multiple rows of small stones add something special yet not too opulent and distracting. Consider it the perfect blend of comfort and luxury.

Chandelier Earrings: This elaborate style is a must-wear for special occasions. When you plan to sweep your hair up, balance out your style and enhance your face with long, dangling strands of stones.

While you can certainly stay in style, be sure to build up your classics at the same time. Find all such pieces through Tiara Jewelers. Browse our selection online, or come by our New York store.