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4 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Necklace


What looks good? A necklace might sparkle in the case but appear out of sync with your look the moment you put it on.

Selecting jewelry mirrors the process for picking out apparel: Consider how it flatters your face, neck, and body, and how it eventually blends into your wardrobe. Keep these points in mind:


Choker: These necklaces fall within the 14- to 16-inch range and compliment open-, scoop-, and V-neck styles. Be aware that chokers can make short or wide necks appear stumpy.

Matinee: A 20- to 24-inch length is just right for business casual wear. And if you have a shorter neck, this size gives the illusion of length.

Opera: At 28 to 36 inches, this piece should fall either right by the bust or should be worn with a high neckline.

Rope: The longest, at 36 to 42 inches, can be wrapped or knotted to sit below or above the bust. It adds an elegant character to business wear, but isn't recommended for shorter torsos.

Unsure about which size to choose? Measure the typical necklace you own, and refer to that size.

Neck Type & Face Shape

By default, everything flatters a long neck. By contrast, it's recommended that shorter women stay away from long or chunky styles, as they're said to accentuate her height.

If you have a round face, consider a longer necklace or one with a pendant or charm at the center. The style is said to lengthen and add an angular appearance. On the other hand, chokers draw attention, emphasizing your face's round shape.

Heart and rectangular shapes are smoothed out and softened by a choker. Similarly, opera and pendant necklaces draw attention away from a prominent jaw – a feature of square and pear-shaped faces.


As a basic rule, if you stand under 5'4", stay within the 16- to 20-inch range, and aim for a V-shaped style to add more length. If you're between 5'4" and 5'7", any style suits your height. For those taller, longer lengths are said to accentuate your frame.

Clothing Style

Jewelry is the finishing touch to every outfit. You want something that complements yet makes a statement, so be ready with the right pairing: • Turtle necks – Longer necklaces • Crew neck – Short or collar necklaces • Scoop neck – Layered or a pendant style • Strapless – Choker or pendant • Square neck – Pendant necklaces • Halter – A narrow pendant to balance out the V-shape • Collared – Choker or pendant • Boat neck – A longer string of beads • Sweetheart – A curved style to play off the angular neck line

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