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11 Must-Wear Summer 2015 Jewelry Trends


Summer's here – how on trend is your style? While going a bit timeless isn't a bad thing, be sure to update your look with the latest jewelry pieces.

A few trends are holdovers from spring, while others emphasize minimalism. Stay current with a combination of the following:

Chokers: One new trend in spring, chokers draw attention to your collarbone. Depending upon your personal style, pieces are as minimal – a single metallic or black band in some cases – to elaborate.

Open Ring and Collar Necklaces: While another minimal look, how these are put on come

s down to a single bar that, as you can guess, opens and closes. A bauble, globe, or ornament often gleams at the center.

Purple, Pink, and Red Stones: Keep the floral hues in your wardrobe just a little bit longer.

Baguette Cut Stones: Simple and long as the name implies, baguette stones are yet another embodiment of the Art Deco trend. Try it out with a pendant necklace or a jeweled brooch.

Y-Necklaces: A 1990s trend has returned – and is just as simple the second time. A must if you're considering the layered necklace look.

Clusters: What grabs more attention than a single stone? A group of them. Clusters feature multiple colors, shapes, and cuts combined together within a single piece.

Tube Necklaces: Metal, knit, or acrylic, the material is always hollow and shaped like a tube around the neck. Consider this a looser, futuristic interpretation of the choker trend.

Jeweled and Beaded Necklaces: Stones make a strong statement, so show off your style with one of these ornate pieces.

Multiple Rings: Pick one, another, and a third, and place each ring on a different finger. Cover the full length, or just one side, or draw attention to your hand with a geometric shape.

Cuffs: On your finger or your ear, this look must always be simple and minimal, with no more than a single stone or curved edge as embellishment.

Rose Gold: There's a certain warmth about this pink-tinted metal. Perhaps that's why it's on everything this season, from earrings and pendants to watches.

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